Pre-Painted Steel

Pre-Painted Cold Rolled, Galvanized or Tin Mill Products

About Pre-Painted Steel

Pre-painted steel material is either a cold rolled, galvanized or tin mill product substrate that is continuously coil coated with an organic- or inorganic-based coating system to protect the steel from corrosion. Factory pre-painting is temperature-controlled and color-resistant and saves time for manufacturers and builders.


Pre-painted steel is typically used for applications that are exposed to the elements, such as garage doors, siding and light fixtures.

Pre-Painted Steel

Available in:

  • Gauges ranging from .006 to .070 (our limit)
  • Tempers ranging from dead soft to full hard
  • A variety of paint systems and popular colors

Why Randall Metals?

In addition to producing a variety of high-quality, pre-painted steel products, Randall Metals offers value-added services such as slitting, shearing, blanking and more. We have the experience, processing capabilities, metal inventory, distribution and customer service that make us your ideal partner.

If you’re looking for pre-painted steel garage doors, siding, appliances or any other product that could benefit from the properties of pre-painted cold rolled steel, galvanized steel or tin mill products, let’s talk!