More Than Tin Mill Products

Corrosion-resistant hot-dipped galvanized and electrogalvanized steel are created by applying zinc to cold-rolled substrates.

Cold rolled, galvanized or tin mill product substrates are continuously coil-coated for use in exposed applications.

Cold rolled and black plate steel are cold-reduced products used in applications that value formability and strength.

Excess and non-prime materials are used in applications that do not require the same stringent quality controls as prime metal.

Stainless steel offers durability, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic appeal, making it a versatile material suitable for various applications ranging from kitchen appliances to industrial equipment.

Leading Distributor in Tin Mill Products

Randall Metals Corporation is committed to excellence in the processing and distribution of tin mill and flat rolled steel products. While our specialty is in tin mill products, we also offer an array of other metal products. Our slitting and packaging systems provide our customers with the highest-quality products on the market.