Galvanized Steel

Hot-Dipped Galvanized and Electrogalvanized Products

How Galvanization Works

Galvanization provides electrochemical protection for steel. Zinc is used to generate galvanic electricity, which is electricity produced by chemical action. When zinc and steel are in electrical contact with each other, the zinc oxidizes while the current prevents the steel from oxidizing, thus lengthening the life of galvanized steel products.

Hot-Dipped Galvanized

Hot-dipped galvanized steel is produced by running a cold rolled substrate through a molten bath of zinc. Free zinc-coated type steel — designated with a G — is more corrosion-resistant than the alloy, and the degree of resistance is related to the amount of zinc coating (the higher the G number, the greater the corrosion resistance). The alloy type — with an A designation — has a zinc/iron alloy coating and is more easily spot welded.


Hot-dipped galvanized steel is typically used in applications where corrosion resistance is a necessity, such as building panels, farm equipment, electronic equipment, ductwork, and garage and entrance doors.

Hot-Dipped (ASTM A653)

Available in:

  • Gauges ranging from .0142 to .070 (our limit)
  • Grades ranging from EDDS to C5 type B to High-Strength Low Alloy
  • Coating weights of G-40 (.10 oz/ft2 total both sides) to G-210 (2.10 oz/ft2 total both sides)
  • Finishes from no spangle (dull gray color) to regular spangle (bright and shiny)


Electrogalvanized steel is produced by applying zinc to the surface of the cold rolled substrate through an electroplating process. The surface of this product is a smooth, dull gray, and it can be chemically treated to improve the adhesion of paint.


Electrogalvanized steel is typically used in applications where some degree of corrosion resistance is required, such as in automobile fenders and cable converter boxes. Electrolytic zinc coatings have a lower weight than hot-dipped zinc coatings. Because of its limited corrosion resistance, electrogalvanized steel is not advised for outdoor applications unless it has been painted.

Electrogalvanized (ASTM A879)

Available in:

  • Gauges ranging from .0142 to .070 (our limit)
  • Grades ranging from EDDS to C5 type B
  • Coating weights of 3.8 g/m2 per side to 60 g/m2 per side

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