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Cold Roll
ASTM A1008

Product Description:

Cold Roll is made from descaled hot rolled coils by cold reducing to the desired thickness. Usually, the coils undergo further processing such as annealing and temper rolling to impart the desired formability, surface texture, and flatness. Cold rolled steel is used in a wide variety of applications from critical surface end uses such as automobile panels and appliance shells, to deep drawn end uses such as heavy duty filter shells, to high strength end uses such as automotive door braces.

Cold Roll is available in gauges ranging from .0142 to .187 (our limit), and tempers ranging from EDDS to Full Hard.

Black Plate
Single Reduced (ASTM A625/A623)
Double Reduced (ASTM A650/A623)

Product Description:

Black Plate is a low carbon, cold reduced, light gauge steel. It can be used as is, or as the base for other tin mill products such as ETP or TFS. It is also ideal for use with laminates, inks, and other coatings. Black plate is typically used where strength, formability, and economy are important features, such as with radiator fins, picture frames, gaskets, and battery casings.

Single reduced is available in gauges ranging from 70# (.0077) to 128# (.0141), tempers ranging from T1-T5.

Double reduced is available in gauges ranging from 53# (.0058) to 100# (.0110), tempers ranging from DR-8 to DR-9.