Randall Metals Corporation

A leading distributor in tin mill products since 1985

Randall Metals Corporation was founded in 1985 by Larry Leffingwell. It has grown to become the largest distributor of all Prime Tin Mill products in North America. While our specialty is in tin mill products, we also offer an array of Cold Roll/Black Plate, Galvanized, and Prepainted items. Our slitting and packaging systems provide the customer with the highest quality products on the market.

Our Partners

Randall Metals prides itself on the diverse nature of it's supply chain. In order to guarantee a reliable flow of steel, Randall maintains relationships with both domestic and foreign mills. We are constantly evaulating our supply chain for efficiency, cost and reliabilty in order to delivery the best price and the best product to our customers. 


Our Mission

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and our leadership in the steel service center industry is derived from four basic principles:

  • Listening to the Voice of the Customer
  • Selecting and Developing Critical Material Suppliers
  • Employee Empowerment for Continuous Improvement
  • Competitive Pricing of Products, for Mutual Benefit and Growth

bsi-isoQuality Certification

Randall Metals Corporation is a steel service center specializing in the processing of tight-toleranced, high-quality, flat-rolled steel products for the automotive, consumer, and commercial industries. Our committment to excellence and customer satisfaction is clearly demonstrated in our achievement of an ISO9001.2000 registration as well as our quality management systems' compliance with the automotive quality standards.

Our certificate number, FM65555

Randall Metals History

1985 - Randall Metals is founded by Larry Leffingwell. Working out of a sales office in Bannockburn, IL

1990 - Moved to Libertyville, IL and leased office and warehouse space from Performance Metals. 

1993 - Jonathan Metcalf joins company.

1997 - Moved to our current headquarters at 2483 Greenleaf Ave. in Elk Grove Village, IL. Construction begins on our Salisbury, NC plant. Production begins late 1997 in Salisbury with 48" Stamco and 14" Rafter.

1999 - Production begins in Elk Grove Village. 60" Chicago slitter purchased.

2000 - 1st addition to Salisbury plant. 

2003 - 2nd addition to Salisbury plant. Adds 62" Braner slitting line. 

2006 - Opened a ship AS/IS warehouse in East Chicago, IN.

2011 - Purchased 3777 Canal Street, East Chicago, IN. Includes 60" Pro Eco and 72" Wean.

2012 - Majority of production and shipping moved to East Chicago plant. Ship AS/IS warehouse closed. 40" Seco and 24" Rausch Lines moved to East Chicago.